SEO Approach: Black, White, Grey What are you?

In our everyday life, we make choices.  From picking up a dress to wear, food to eat or even choosing between coffee or tea.

So what are you? A cake person or a cookie monster?

In SEO, you are going to encounter three types of approach.Whether you are about to outsource or apply SEO on your own, you need to know this before you hit that close button. As we all know, SEO is not your trial and error game, once you get penalized with Google like a real jail you don’t know when you can get back on track of your business life. So be good and read this:

White Hat

The most recommended. If you want to befriend Google, this is your way. A well coded website, good meta tags and a blog worth sharing and relevant to your niche. That’s cloud nine. With this kind of optimization you are able to earn links when people cite your blog or mention it to others.

When a content itself is good, not much work should be done. Since Google main purpose is to provide its users the most relevant content, the same should be the mindset of a good SEO consultant.

Note that, white hat does not take effect overnight or a week after you implement it. The average month you can only assess and compare your SEO results is right after 3 months but that’s not a guarantee. It would still depend on how you do it. It’s quite an investment but if you’re opting for long term business and monthly improvement on sales then don’t think twice.

Grey Hat

It is said that this kind of approach is the combination of white and black hat, in which SEO practitioners are making magical spells to Google so link building manipulation won’t be too obvious. The best example would be buying links or exchange of links. Back then, this was the hype in SEO and was one of the most effective activity. But today, I’m sure penguin police  has already found those kingpins.

Black Hat

According to howtoseo,

‘This is the “illegal” approach which breaks search engine rules but tries to hide this fact so the website is not banned.’

Examples would be doorway pages or spams on contact us forms. This does not need some elaboration. Just DON’T.

So basically Google likes white hat, not aware of grey peeps and hates the black hat SEO guys.

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