A Quick Guide for Website Buyers: What Should be Keep in Mind

When a client decided to outsource for a website, it is our obligation as the third party company to throw light on dark water. For there is a need to educate client on what they could get when putting up a website.  

To guide them on how an effective website should be, here’s a list of what should be included:


A Clear Messaging

Landing on a page empty handed is like discovering a 404 page. It is important that at the very moment they came across your website, it must be ready to answer these three vital questions: Who you are, What you do and What can they benefit from you. But you must be careful to choose your word as the messaging and the tone of your content might affect your visitor’s impression. Try not to be promotional but strike the chord on explaining more of your benefits, that will keep them interested.


Create a User Friendly Environment

From clear messaging, now let’s get to the technical part –clear navigational path. The website should allow users to understand easily your structure so it means that the consistency or flow of processes should be spontaneous. Always put on your visitor’s shoes, what do you want to see first and what pages you want to see on the latter.


Responsive Design

A part from being emphasizing clarity within content and navigational path, it is also utmost important to ride into technology trends, not just because that’s what this generation dictates but because online marketing too –evolves. In due time, there will come a moment in which mobile users would equal to the number of those who used desktop for browsing.


Be Receptive to Change

Be ready to construct a pure mindset that a website should also evolve along with your business. You may encounter redesigning, additional pages for new services or adding another plugin or technology that will help enhance the whole experience.

So remember, like any business, your website should always be coping up with change.

Putting up a website doesn’t end on just wordpress. It has basic elements that needs to be fill in.


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