Back up and Recover Before Losing your Business

Like owning a car, you want it secured so you plan to have an insurance for future risks.

For every property there will be constant uncertainties as to its safety, apparently your business is susceptible to this. Every applied changes might not go the way you plan it, this is where the essence of a having a back up plan becomes a necessity.

And as we all know that today’s businesses, big or small, are incorporating technology advancements to their day-to-day operations, the loss of data may occur when information security becomes vulnerable or fail of plans might happen. So before nightmare kills the child in you, better to have your back up and disaster recovery plan in place.

Let Sandman save you from that bad dream, here’s a dust of golden tips:

Lay out your plans

Do take note that disaster recovery plan should aim to continue the operations despite the unwanted incidents of loss of data. So keep in mind the list of major tools they’ll be needing like gmails, database, communication tool because whatever happens, the business must be kept running. As they say, the show must go on!

Implementation of Ideas

Once a disaster recovery plan is established, it’s about time to start breaking some leg. Critical monitoring must be done to ensure that components are effectively implemented. What is important, that documents are being updated frequently. Moreover, data replication and data storage might as well help in IT issues and when crisis occurs.

Test your plans

Perform testing on your own recovery plans, better to be sure than not.


In an article by Paul Chisholm,

A 2007 eWeek survey of more than 500 senior IT professionals revealed that a whopping 89% of companies test their disaster recovery/failover systems only once per year or not at all, leaving their enterprises vulnerable to massive technology and business failures in the event of a disaster.

An under tested plan sometimes makes no difference than having no plan at all. You don’t want to compromise everything so better to be equipped when worst comes to worst.

Giving off your time on this matter is not a waste, it is securing your business information  –one major component to keep your business running.

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