Five Hacks to Safeguard your Website from Hackers

The web is a risky place to put all your credentials and your business but entrepreneurs are taking their luck to follow marketing hype as well as to improve ways in reaching out with prospects. One way is putting up a website.

Unsecured websites are vulnerable. At any chance, hackers could hack, destroy and even use it if they see opportunities so before that happens there are precautionary measures you could at least do. Here are five hacks protect you might want to look into:

Pick A Strong Password

This is an obvious step however might as well help. Also, a dynamic password can lessen vulnerabilities. Change it on a monthly basis or weekly, depending on your preferred length of time. Might create a little hassle on your part but this is better than compromising your website security.

Limit Login Attempts

Other hackers are might just taking their chances, so they create a list of their guessed password and username. Three attempts might be a reasonable number to block a user from logging in. A plugin called Limit Login Attempts is available on wordpress so worry no more.

Don’t Use Admin as your Username

This is the default username in wordpress. If you’re not changing it, you’re just making it easy for hackers invade your website. Leaving password to be cracked is like treasure right under.


Try to Remove Error Messages

Appearance of error messages will give them hints when they get the password or the username right. According to it is recommended to remove the error message. Then Open your functions.php located in your theme folder and paste the following code:

add_filter(‘login_errors’,create_function(‘$a’, “return null;”));
These are just small adjustments you can make to safeguard your business website from intruders who want to take advantage of your data and your business.

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