Outsourcing Web Development Projects: Finding the Right One

Outsourcing is always about trust but let’s break the stereotype today. Not all outsourced companies is bad, sometimes we just make bad choices.

The worst thing could happen, if we didn’t make our research. We all know not everyone has the time but the effort on picking the right company requires a little muscle wasting especially when we are talking about website. This might require a lot of brainstorming accomplish the project.

David Teten on Forbes discussed on how to hire a reliable web designer, most of the tips are applicable in finding the right web development firm. So spend some time reading his pieces of advice:

Find some time to check out their old clients. Consult their performance as it will give you idea on they do things. Did they deliver satisfactory results? Are they able to work and cope up easily with pressure?

Question that David outlines:

How sophisticated are they as a developer? How relevant is their experience?

Perform an online investigation. Normally, they would put online company profile anywhere so it’s searchable. Linkedin and other online jobs sites are good source of information. Check their ratings, recommendations or client’s complaints. This will surely help you to gauge whether to hire them or not.

Value communication and customer service. Is this team responsive and responsible enough to communicate for project’s updates? It is important that they could keep track of the progress in a timely manner.

Prepare a good list of questions. This will clarify your speculations. Give situational cases and learn on how are they going to respond. Some of them, might fake reviews and recommendations so it’s best to know with yourself if they are able to do the job. You will know if they’re saying the truth, if they can give you straightforward answers.

And the most important, ask for assurance that the program will be labeled properly for future improvements so it would be easy to the next programmers to continue. As we all know, web development never stops to evolve and improve so pick the up the best potato because they make good fries.


Here’s a quote from David to end this article,

‘Don’t just hire promising candidate.’

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