A Comprehensive Guide in Building a Website

Tired of reading plethora of articles and blogs?

An infographic prepared by internet initiatives presents a detailed guide in website planning,website builder, web design and optimization. Compressed all the needed to do’s in building a robust and business-purposed website.

Planning is vital, as you should know the primary function of a website. It includes the structure or how basically your information should be organize in a way that suits your audience taste. Make a draft of the pages you want to include, categorized it whether by services or product type and make sure that’s the important pages is positioned to its rightful places. The navigation also plays a vital part, as users today are very particular with navigational path. It should be clear and friendly when directing visitors to the right pages.

There are certain things to be considered in a website design, like a puzzle everything is connected. One main criteria is consistency. It’s easy to be consistent in textual form but transforming it to pieces of images is a tough job. Aside from that, paying attention to information placement, text clarity as well as the color choices. Three is the recommended numbers of color to put in the website. Unless, it’s all about Christmas.

The implementation stage, well i you think this is the final stage. You’re wrong. Implementation stage is only just the beginning because this is where your website is tested and checked for any vulnerabilities. Sometimes, the implementation stage becomes the starting point because this is where developers will be able to discover loopholes and make changes to make the website better.
So here’s your rushed coffee, don’t worry it’s brewed well.

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